My name is Richard, and I'm a semi-retired Web developer and part-time drone pilot living in a rural part of New York State.

Now that I have the time and freedom to do so, I like building sites about hobbies and other topics that interest me and that I believe will be interesting and helpful to others. Some of the subjects were at some point how I made a living as I have changed careers several times over the years. Others are just hobbies.

By way of background, I joined the military immediately after graduating from Aviation High School in Long Island City, New York. After my discharge, I put myself through college working as a pest exterminator and spent some years in that profession.

When I got tired of killing bugs, I trained to become a computer technician and started a computer repair business in the New York City area. From there I branched off into Web development. About ten years later I sold all of the business except for the Web design part and moved to the country, and have been doing Web development either full-time or part-time for about 23 years as of this writing.

I also have a lifelong passion for aviation and hold FAA pilot and mechanic certificates. Most recently, I earned a Remote Pilot certificate and started a part-time business as a drone pilot doing aerial photography and videography. That's me in the picture below.

Aerial photo of the author standing in a large expanse of snow flying his drone in the winter.

My Sites

Here are the some of the informational sites I've written over the past 20+ years. I hope you find them interesting and useful.

Aviation-Related Sites

Pet Care Sites

Technology-Related Sites

Pest-Control Sites

I hope you find at least one of the above sites interesting or useful (and hopefully both). If you do, please consider buying me a coffee to help defray the costs of hosting the sites. Thanks!

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